Frequently Asked Questions


How do I register?

Registration is available online. The registration link is located towards the top of each auction page either as a orange button in the top left or just under the keywords box. After filling in the form and submitting the information you will be e-mailed your bidder number.

Why do I need to input credit card information?

We use the credit card information for verification purposes. You may notice a $1 attempted charge on your card after registering. This is not an actual charge and will time out. This is only used for verification purposes. The card on file is not automatically charged for any purchases you make. You may still come in and pay with any of our accepted payment methods.

Is this bidder number good for just this auction?

Once you obtain a bidder number you can use it for all of our auctions.

There seems to be a problem with my credit card, why won't it work?

Of course the first step is to verify all the information on the card is entered correctly including the name on the card and the 3 digit CIV Code on the back of the card. Also check to see that the address on the account matches the billing address of the card. If all of this information is correct please contact our office at 734.459.2323 for further help.


How do I bid?

There are two boxes on each lot that you can place your bid in, "Your Bid"& "Your Maximum" (descriptions below). You can use either or both of the boxes. Any bids you place must beat the Next Bid Required. After placing your desired bid(s) in the correct boxes you can scroll down to the bottom of the page, enter your bidder number & password and click Submit Bids. This will take you to a page where you will have to click a box stating you agree to the terms and conditions and click the Continue button. You will then be brought to a screen that displays all of your bids you just entered. Please verify that these are correct and then click Submit Bids.

What is the difference between "Your Bid" & "Your Maximum"?

Any bid placed in the "Your Bid" column will bid that amount exactly. Any bid placed in the "Your Maximum" column will bid against the high bidder, if any, until you are the high bidder or your maximum is reached, whichever comes first. Your bid will remain at that amount until someone bids against you at which point you will bid up to their bid or your maximum, whichever is reached first.

Do I have to put in the decimal places?

No, just enter the dollar amount you would like to bid. For example if you want to bid $10 you just enter 10 not 1000 as the second number would be $1,000. You may bid $10.50 by entering 10.50 into the box. Please make sure to check any decimal points you enter very carefully.

When does the auction end?

That will be stated on the very first page of the auction. It does differ from auction to auction. Please note that most auctions feature a staggered ending so not all lots will end at the same time.

How do I know if I have won an item?

You can see who the high bidder is at any time by looking at the High Bidder column of that individual item. You can also check all your items that you have bid on by using the Review Bids feature that is located at the bottom of any auction page.

Does it automatically count down the items?

No, you will have to hit refresh to see the current time left.


How much do I owe?

After the auction is complete you will receive a detailed invoice in your e-mail.

How do I pay?

Payment options differ from auction to auction. Common payment methods accepted are Cash, Certified Check, Cashier's Check, Money Order, Company Check (only if accompanied by a bank letter guaranteeing payment), Visa, Mastercard & Wire Transfer (information available upon request). Please check the auction overview page for which payments are accepted at a particular sale.

Do you charge my card automatically?

We do not charge your card automatically unless you do not complete payment within the terms of each auction, we can however charge the card on file if you would like us to.

When/Where can I pick these items up?

The removal times and locations are stated on the auction overview page.

Will you have people there to assist me with removing my items?

All removal is at the expense & liability of the buyer. The auctioneer does not supply any personnel or equipment for removal.

Can I use the equipment that was sold there to help me load?

No, we can not allow you to use equipment that was sold to help you load for liability reasons. At many sales there are riggers/machinery movers available to hire. A local rigger, shipping company & moving company is available on our website under the auction info section.

Do you ship the items?

No, however sometimes there is a shipping company that has said it will be there to do shipping. In these cases we list it on the first page of the auction. You can always release your items to a shipping company of your choice provided you notify us first.


I lost my bidder number or forgot my password, how do I get it back?

You can retrieve a lost bidder number or password by going into the registration as if you were registering again.  At the top of the registration page there is a link for "Lost bidder number/password".  After you click that just put in your e-mail you registered with and you will receive an e-mail with your information shortly.

What is a buyer's premium?

A buyer's premium is a percent added to any purchases you make. For instance if you bid $100 dollars and there was a 15% buyer's premium you'd actually be paying $115 dollars. The exact percent differs from auction to auction and is stated on the auction overview page. Some auctions also include a discount for payments made via cash or certified funds.

Do I have to pay Sales Tax on these purchases?

Sales tax is charged on all items except those that would be collected by Michigan at the Secretary of State. If you believe you are exempt we have a form available on our website in the auction info section that you can fill out and return to us. If you or your agents are located in or entering the State of Michigan to remove your items you are subject to sales tax unless you provide us a tax exemption form.

Do I have to leave a deposit?

Under normal circumstances you do not have to leave a deposit. Sometimes an individual lot will state that a deposit is required to bid. In those cases you will have to have a deposit on file with the auctioneer. The auction overview page will state how that deposit can be made.