Auction Info


How do I register?

Registration is available online. The registration link is located towards the top of each auction page either as a orange button in the top left or just under the keywords box. After filling in the form and submitting the information you will be e-mailed your bidder number.

Why do I need to input credit card information?

We use the credit card information for verification purposes. You may notice a $1 attempted charge on your card after registering. This is not an actual charge and will time out. This is only used for verification purposes. The card on file is not automatically charged for any purchases you make. You may still come in and pay with any of our accepted payment methods.

Is this bidder number good for just this auction?

Once you obtain a bidder number you can use it for all of our auctions.

There seems to be a problem with my credit card, why won't it work?

Of course the first step is to verify all the information on the card is entered correctly including the name on the card and the 3 digit CIV Code on the back of the card. Also check to see that the address on the account matches the billing address of the card. If all of this information is correct please contact our office at 734.459.2323 for further help.



STC Rigging
Dan Sheperd
TEL // 810.542.0086

L & J Removal
John Marcicky
TEL // 734.377.3475

Designed to Move, LLC
James Height
TEL // 586.615.4921


Please contact our office directly at 734.459.2323 for more information regarding wire transers.