Pizza Equipment for sale by private negotiations

For Sale by Private Negotiations

Located in Plymouth, Michigan

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Marra Forni Rotator Model RT150 Natural Gas Fired Oven


150 Rotator Neapolitan model, which is designed specifically to accommodate the high-volume pizza making of a true pizzaiolo. The 150 features a 59.06 inch deck. The dome and deck consist of refractory bricks with 4 inches of multi-layered insulation in the dome and 8 inches in the deck. The oven features a 26 inch by 9.5 inch opening along with a stainless steel flue collar atop the dome.

Standard Features: Dome Terra Cotta Finish, Turbo Burner, Brick Deck, Door / Fire Suppressor, Integral Exhaust System, Stainless Steel Flue Collar/Adapter, Steel Stand, Powder Coating

Approx. 1 year old

FOR SALE: $26,500 or best offer

Marra Forni Model FC60DUS 70 qt. Capacity Forked Dough Mixer


Specs: Stainless steel frame, bowl, fork and tool-holder shaft, Bowl is covered with stainless steel grill, Chain drive system is made using trapezoidal belts and independently geared speed reducers for the bowl and fork, Rotating parts are assembled on ball bearings

Approx. 1 year old

FOR SALE: $6,500 or best offer